More tourists travel to Kolsai Lakes

The number of tourists visiting Kolsai Lakes National Park in the Almaty Region has increased 400 percent since 2009 following infrastructure improvements. The annual number of tourists visiting Kolsai Lakes National Park was 41,000 in 2018, as opposed to 10,000 in 2009. The numbers are expected to further increase by one and a half times this year.

The highway from Almaty to the park was built this year as part of the Nurly Zhol programme. The region administration is also taking further measures on Kolsai Lakes’ infrastructure advancement by planning to conclude an agreement with the national company Kazakh Tourism and to revise the park’s master plan.

If the planned revision is approved, the number of tourist destinations available at the park will be increased. The park currently has four tourist destinations.

The regional administration also provides press tours to the lakes.

Kolsai Lakes National Park was created 12 years ago. It is more than 160,000 hectares wide and employs 130 people.