Karaganda Region enhances its destination attractiveness

Karaganda Region is the largest province of Kazakhstan located in the center of the country. The region is rich in minerals and has well developed mining industries. Recently Karaganda Region has been actively developing its tourism infrastructure to boost inbound tourism.

According to Karaganda Region Deputy Akim (Governor) Almas Aidarov, the region offers active, recreational, ethnographic and ecological tourism. The region’s convenient location, rich historical and cultural heritage, unique architectural monuments and sacred sites make it a unique tourist destination.

Tourism industry growth in the Karaganda Region is driven by the Ulytau historical and cultural centre and resort zones of the Balkhash and the Karkaraly districts. Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company created the master plan for the development of a resort zone encompassing Balkhash, Priozersk and settlements Torangalyk and Chubar-Tobek. Tourist inflow to the resort zone may increase four times by 2030, said Karaganda Region’s Business Department Head Tatyana Ablayeva.

“In Balkhash, 253 sites offer accommodation and recreation, places such as hotels, summer camp sites and boarding houses that serve more than 280,000 people a year,” said the region’s Deputy Akim. “We set ourselves the goal of attracting up to one million tourists. If this inflow exceeds the population of the Karaganda Region, I believe it will really be a success.”

Source: The Astana Times