Tazy, Kazakh hunter dog

Since ancient times, Kazakhs valued animals and birds as unique gifts from God, perceived them as a symbol of happiness and wealth. They used them in daily life and for Kazakhs, hunting was not only a way for survival, but also a tradition along with an entertainment.

When hunting, Kazakhs usually took a horse, an eagle and a hunter dog - “tazy” (a breed of hunting dogs) with them.

Homeland of tazy - Ancient Syria, and later they were cultivated in Arabia, Iran and other countries of Middle Asia. Also, they became an irreplaceable part of a Kazakh hunter’ life.

Tazy (Kazakh Hound) - extremely graceful and well-proportioned dog, small in stature, with a small head, thin elegant tongs, large dark eyes, long ears, triangular ears, a thin and flexible neck, supple gait, lean belly, deep, compressed with sides of the chest, back straight, thin, long, muscular legs. A typical tazy is bright red with black tips of hair on the back, hangers and ears.


They are considered the best hunters, and Kazakhs have never treated them like any other dogs. By the way, in Kazakh culture it is forbidden to call tazy “a dog”. Also, there is a saying “It zhaksysy - tazy” which means “the best one for hunting is tazy”. In ancient times Kazakh would give 47 horses for one good tazy dog.


Unfortunately, tazy are on the verge of extinction and there is various activities done to prevent it. For example, last fall there was a peer review of tazy for compliance with the breed standards.


the material was partially retrieved from kazakhhistory.ru and tengrinews.kz