Kazakh sculptor Serik Abdarkhmanov creates military and historical miniatures

As a boy Serik Abdarkhmanov loved war games. He used to create battle scenes with plastic soldiers. Then he began to sculpt the soldier figures from clay. Time went on, but he didn’t give up his passion. In 2006, Serik got acquainted with the wonderful work by the military reenactor Vitaly Fedorov, the Deputy Head of the voluntary searching group Memorial Zone in Astana. It was watershed meeting which inspired him to work with military miniatures professionally.

The Memorial Zone group was created within the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. The group members periodically move to the WWII battlegrounds, particularly to the Sinyavino (Leningrad oblast, Russia). After all, the 310th Akmola division located near Leningrad during WWII. Annually, from late April to early May, the Memorial Zone participants searched out the lost bones of the Red Army soldiers from Kazakhstan.

Mr. Abdrakhmanov feels sorry that a few people are involved in the mini-reconstruction of hostilities in Kazakhstan. Almaty hosts some exhibitions and meetings on interests among model makers and that’s it. Moreover, the trend found a little interest among school children. But Serik believes the military reconstruction as a frozen act of the certain story is a good way to study the history and military equipment, and it should be used widely in education.

Working with figures Serik use cardboard, plastic, paper, metal, and any other materials depends on his imagination. He usually shops the soldier figures in the model stores or online. He also learns to sculpt figures on his own. But this is a time-taking process. He used to work with a scale of 1:35, although sometimes it happens 1:72, 1:48, 1:16, 1: 9. In the genre of tin miniatures the scale of the work is 1:54.

Serik Abdrakhmanov exhibited his works three times: at the exhibitions “My Collection” in 2012, and at the National Museum of Kazakhstan in 2016 and 2017. His works are about the WWI and WWII battles both in eastern and western side of the military operations. He has a miniature of the battle on the Soma River, where British, French and German troops lost up to a million people. He also has a diorama of the troops landing in Normandy in 1944, based on the “Saving Private Ryan” by Stephen Spielberg. He modelled the battle near Moscow, the Battle of Kursk and the third battle for Kharkov. He also created a small vignette “Impassibility” that characterizes wartime.

The latest work he completed is a diorama dedicated to the American Civil War - the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863.

Serik plans to ​​stage a large diorama dedicated to the Battle of Moscow to reflect the feat of the famous Kazakhstan’s 316th Panfilov Division. He also want a model the wars in Vietnam, in Iraq (1991 - 2003), in the Middle East, in Syria.