Kazakhstan's National Anthem

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A while back we did a blog post about the flag of Kazakhstan, which is an important state symbol of Kazakhstan. This post will be about the national anthem of Kazakhstan. National anthems like “The Star Spangled Banner” “God Save The Queen” and even “Deutschlandlied” are familiar to many people across the world. Kazakhstan’s national anthem is called “Meniñ Qazaqstanım” (“My Kazakhstan”) and has a unique story behind it.


The origin of the Kazakhstan national anthem can be traced back to when the steppes were a part of the Soviet Union. The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic National anthem was created in 1956. The music was composed by Mukan Tulebayev, Eugeny Brusilovsky and Latif Khamidi, and the lyrics were written by Abdilda Tazhibaev, Kh. Mukhamedzhanov and Gabit Musirepov. Of course this was the national anthem for Kazkhstan until 1991. When Kazakhstan became an indepedent country, it adopted a new national anthem. As we have pointed out before, Kazkhstan takes pride in its history and heritage so when they created the new anthem there were only a few moderations. The Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan kept the melody of the Soviet anthem but changed the lyrics to the anthem. The anthem represented Kazakhstan from 1992 to 2006 due to a a new decree that changed the Kazakhstan national anthem to what it is today.

Meniñ Qazaqstanım

On January 7th, 2006, Kazakhstan got a new anthem that is the national anthem today called “Meniñ Qazaqstanım”, or in English “My Kazakhstan”. My Kazakhstan is based on a homonymous, patriotic song written in 1956, with music by Shamshi Kaldayakov and lyrics by Jumeken Najimedenov. Before it was declared an anthem, President Nursultan Nazarbayev modified the lyrics to be more reflective of Kazakhstan’s heritage but some of the lyrics from the original song are still in it. “My Kazakhstan” is sung like this:

Алтын күн аспаны,
Алтын дән даласы,
Ерліктің дастаны -
Еліме қарашы!

Ежелден ер деген,
Даңқымыз шықты ғой,
Намысын бермеген,
Қазағым мықты ғой!

Менің елім, менің елім,
Гүлің болып егілемін,
Жырың болып төгілемін, елім!
Туған жерім менің - Қазақстаным!

Ұрпаққа жол ашқан,
Кең байтақ жерім бар.
Бірлігі жарасқан,
Тәуелсіз елім бар.

Қарсы алған уақытты,
Мәңгілік досындай.
Біздің ел бақытты,
Біздің ел осындай!

Қайырмасы (2 pem):
This is the My Kazakhstan in it's original format,
but if you don't know Kazakh here's the translation:

Sky of golden sun, Steppe of golden seed, Legend of courage - Take a look at my country!

From the antiquity Our heroic glory emerged, They did not give up their pride My Kazakh people are strong!


My country, my country,
As your flower I will be planted,
As your song I will stream, my country!
My native land - My Kazakhstan!

The way was opened to the posterity I have a vast land. Its unity is proper, I have an independent country.

It welcomed the time Like an eternal friend, Our country is happy, Such is our country.

Chorus (twice):

We even included a YouTube video so you can be even more failiar with it:


So there you have it, the Kazakhstan national anthem is called “My Kazakhstan”. The anthem, reading the lyrics, is a great representation of Kazakhstan symbolism as it represents the people, culture, and heritage of the Central Asian nation. Not only is a great anthem, people may have heard it a couple of times at the medal ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics when Kazakhstan won 7 gold medals. People will hear the anthem more as Kazakhstan keeps excelling in sports and in other areas across the globe.