QazEpos app brings Kazakh folk music to the world

If you are interested in Kazakh culture, we have great news for you! Now you can download a new app called QazEpos and listen to the rare audio records made during the USSR period at Melodiya studio, the state-owned major record company/label of the Soviet Union.

The Melodiya studio was founded in 1964 and united the recording studios of Moscow, Leningrad, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Tbilisi, Alma-ata and Tashkent.

In the early 1990s, new times came for recording company. The technology of mass production of compact discs was mastered and the release of records was gradually discontinued. The vinyl records were not popular anymore. Most of them were lost and forgotten.

Thanks to the hard work of Kazakh programmer Zhanserik Suyunbayev 11 albums of Kazakh epos are available now on the App QazEpos. He was searching for the old vinyl records in flea markets an made a great deal with their digitization.

Zhanserik was born in 1984 in Aktobe, the city in Western Kazakhstan oblast. He was the eldest in the family, and according to Kazakh traditions he was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother. Zhanserik’s grandparents instilled in him a love for Kazakh epos since childhood. He listened to the epic Kobylandy batyr and Kyz Zhibek from the grandfather turntable of vinyl records. Growing up he became a programmer, and was engaged in the development of the Mobile applications. He created the App QazEpos with the purpose that everyone can listen to Kazakh epics.