UNESCO will celebrate 100th birthday of the Actress casted in Angel wearing tubeteika

[caption id=”attachment_3681” align=”alignleft” width=”300”] Amina Omurzakova on the left. “Angel wearing tubeteika”[/caption]

Amina Omurzakova was born on March 8, 1919 in Eastern Kazakhstan oblast. She graduated **Russian State Institute of Performing Arts **in Saint-Petersburg in 1938.

Early career started in Shymkent Drama Theatre. She played over 150 roles at the theatres. She also has a rich filmography. There is a list of the most popular movies below:

  • Amangeldi (1938)
  • Abay songs (1945)
  • Zhambyl (1952)
  • The Legend about Mother (1963)
  • Aldar Kose (1964)
  • My dream (1966)
  • The Angel wearing tubeteika (1968)
  • Snowdrops (1974)
  • Gaukhartas (1975)
  • Salt and bread (1977)
  • Rose (1978)
  • The taste of the bread (1979)
  • Mother Rosa (1991)
  • Amina (1996)
  • Shanghai (1996) Mostly Amina Omurzakova used to play a role of Kazakh mother.

On her interview from 2006 Amina Umirzakova said that “The Legend about Mother” was her first successful movie. It won a lot of prizes and got people’s love.

Kazakhstan’s film critic Baurzhan Nogerbekov said, “In Russian cinematography the Mother’s role associates with Vera Maretskaya, in Italian - Anna Magnani, in Kazakh - Amina Omurzakova”

[caption id=”attachment_3682” align=”aligncenter” width=”1232”] The Legend about Mother (1963)[/caption]

Those two roles of Mother in two different movies - comedy and drama - makes Amina the great actress. She was very talented, could play any role in Theatre and Cinema.

She lost her father in early childhood. Her brother was repressed. Her husband was at war and came back home wounded. He died in 1956. Amina raised three children alone.

The actress passed away on September 26, 2006. She will be the first Kazakh actress whose birthday will be celebrated in UNESCO.

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