Sherkhan Murtaza passed away at the age of 86

The Kazakh writer was born in 1932 in Zhambyl oblast. His real name was Sheri. People used to call him Sheri Agha (“the elder brother”) - Sheragha.

He had a troubled childhood: forced famine, repressions, war. Sherkhan’s parents lost their first three children at the early age because of pox.

His mother Aysha had no breast milk and she put oat flour into the cloth, sop up water by it and gave him to nurse.

His father Murtaza was caught as an enemy of the Soviet People and was banished to Siberia to work at tree-felling. Sheragha wrote in his memories: “Two policemen and the local teacher as a witness came to our house in the middle of the night. I saw someone else was waiting outside. It was an awful night. They upset everything in the house. One policeman ripped away a prayer carpet hang on the wall and said - How nice! It could be a good foot-cloth!”

Murtaza died in Siberia at the age of 40. A big tree fall on him when he was praying.

Sherkhan graduated school in 1950, and Moscow State University named after Lomonosov in 1955. His specialisation was a journalism. During his life he worked as an Executive editor in 6 newspapers: Zhalyn /Flame/ almanac (1970-72), Zhuldyz /Star/ magazine (1972-75), Kazakh adebieti /Kazakh literature/ (1980-89), Egemen Kazakhstan (1989-1992), He also used to be a Chairman at “Kazakhstan” teleradio company during the first years after USSR Collapse. The famous entertainment Tansholpan /Morning Star(Venus)/ was launched thanks to his idea.

Sherkhan wrote his first book at the age of 26 “The Constructor Daku”

People says, Sherkhan wanted to be a poet. But after getting critic comments from prestigious lit crit Zeinolla Kabdollov he dropped an idea.

[caption id=”attachment_3691” align=”aligncenter” width=”1198”] The historical picture. Kazakh poets-writers at the 2nd run, from left to right: Ilyas Yesenberlin, Sherkhan Murtaza, Oralkhan Bokeh, Kadyr Myrzaliev.[/caption]

Sherkhan Murtaza’s famous piece - “Kzyl Zhebe” epic (Red arrow) dedicated to Kazakh Soviet Politician Turar Ryskulov.

For his another novel “Kara marzhan” (Black pearl) the writer was honored by State Prize.

The most famous novel “Ay men Aysha” (Moon and Aysha) dedicated to his mother was published in 1995. The story described the strong beat of Kazakh woman widowed after was and repressions.