Healing wonders of Kazakhstan’s mineral waters

Have you ever wondered how to heal chronic diseases while relaxing on a vacation? Kazakhstan’s abundance in mineral waters provides tourists with a unique opportunity to unwind in resort-style facilities with health benefits.

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Photo source: The Astana Times

The country boasts a unique diversity of mineral and thermal waters rich in iodine, bromine, calcium and sodium, among other vitamins. One can find nearly all balneology types of waters, except carbon dioxide, in Kazakhstan, which carry all kinds of health advantages.

The south of the country is rich with nitrogen hydrocarbonate thermal waters and radon sources. The effects of radon are akin to those of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Radon is also beneficial for metabolism and the immune system.

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Photo source: The Astana Times

The east of Kazakhstan boasts thermal hot springs with sulphate and hydrocarbonate waters. Additionally, Kazakhstan offers silicic water springs, as well as bromide and iodine waters. Bromide water calms one’s nerve system and also has anti-inflammatory effects, while iodine is considered helpful for gastrointestinal tract diseases with atherosclerosis and thyroid dysfunction.

A variety of resort facilities offer visitors an opportunity to soak in the healing waters and address their long-standing ills, while indulging in Kazakhstan’s beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. One of them is Kapal-Arasan Resort in the center of Semirechie (Seven Rivers). This resort provides five meals per day and kumys (fermented mare’s milk) therapy, as well as a large and beautiful territory for children.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Source: The Astana Times