Immerse yourself in nomadic culture and eco tourism in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is best known for its nomadic roots and breathtaking nature. The country possesses numerous tourism attractions based on its nomadic culture and a variety of unique landscapes.

Kazakh culture mirrors its nomadic heritage, which is reflected in cultural symbols and traditions. The horse is probably the most central part of the Kazakh culture. Kazakhs love horses, riding them for transportation in the villages, using them for farming, racing them for fun. They even have a tradition of cooking the horsemeat for special occasions.

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Another part of the nomadic heritage is the yurt, a Central Asian transportable dwelling. These small white homes are still found in some parts of Kazakhstan. Yurts are widely used in national celebrations and in Kazakh arts and poetry as reminders of the Kazakhs’ nomadic past.

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Another distinctive landmark of Kazakhstan is its unique landscape, which attracts brave mountaineers and exquisite ecotourism lovers. As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts “4 Amazing Eco Tourism Sites in Kazakhstan,” Kazakhstan has over 40 eco-tourism sites, all of which are located in natural reservations and have tourist paths and routes. We selected four most amazing parks that are perfect for ecotourism, so be sure to check them out, if you missed that blog post.

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Kazakh cultural heritage and spectacular nature open unique opportunities for the development of the nomadic and eco- tourism. Kazakhstan’s officials recognized the importance of boosting these types of tourism during their conference held on February 1 in Astana.

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