Tea Culture in Kazakhstan

There is something about the idea of a nice cup of tea to help protect us from catching a cold caused by the change of seasons, or to keep us warm. For some people, drinking tea is a daily thing. Others drink it in place of coffee, or to enjoy the different varieties offered in stores or in coffee places.

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For some, though, drinking tea is part of traditional values and important to their culture. In Kazakhstan, it is extremely common for people to drink tea (especially black tea) with every meal, or even between meals. Some people even drink tea up to six or seven times a day! It is also a tradition in Kazakh culture to share tea with guests.

Why do Kazakhs prefer tea over coffee and which has a better, healthier, more-efficient or calming effect? Kazakhs drink tea more often than coffee because a lot of attention is paid to tea drinking in the Oriental civilization. The tea drinking culture among Kazakhs is a tradition that brings family members together for dinner discussions.


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The admiration for tea is very important to Kazakh tea culture and traditions. However doctors recommend that the Kazakh people refrain from drinking tea with meals that have a lot of meat, to drink tea an hour before or after meals, and to eat more foods that absorb iron to prevent deficiencies from happening.

Some specific teas like green and jasmine are known to have calming properties. Drinking hot tea can be helpful in the cold climate or give a soothing effect not found with coffee.


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Even though coffee is gaining popularity in Kazakhstan too, the Kazakh tea culture will not dwindle or disappear. Just be mindful of when you drink your tea and how much tea you are drinking in order to keep yourself healthy.