Almaty region boosts agritourism

Agritourism is growing in popularity as it allows people to spend more time outdoors closer to the nature. But what is agritourism? It is defined as any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. The great thing about agritourism is that it provides educational and authentic agricultural experiences that enhance direct marketing of farm products and improve public support for agriculture.

The Almaty region with its diverse beautiful nature and developed agriculture sector tries to tap on this opportunity and attract more tourists. Almaty region tourism department in partnership with the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs and the University of Central Asia organized multiple master classes in order to boost agritourism in Almaty region.

According to an associate professor of the Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism at KazNU, Aliya Aktymbekova, it is possible to engage in agritourism in any region of Kazakhstan, since all of them have unique nature and different types of agricultural activities.

She also noted that today tourists choose active forms of recreation, such as milking cows, mowing grass or harvesting. They are interested in the processes of production of agricultural products and want to participate in it. The expert stresses that Almaty region provides tourists the opportunities to do all of that.

According to latest data, last year there were 680 accommodation options for agritourists in Almaty region. In 2017, the region’s revenues from medical and health tourism reached KZT 8.3 million, which is 50% more than in 2016. It is planned that in 2018 the tourist flow to Almaty region will increase to 1.6 million people compared to last year’s 1.5 million, while the revenues from medical and health tourism are projected to reach KZT 8.8 million tenge.