4 Amazing Eco Tourism Sites in Kazakhstan

Salem, readers! In 2015, it was announced that Kazakhstan was home to more than 40 eco-tourism sites, all of which are located in natural reservations and have tourist paths and routes. In light of this news, we wanted to share some of the beauty from 4 of these eco-tourism sites with you! Below is a list of 4 amazing eco-tourism sites in Kazakhstan:

[caption id=”attachment_2488” align=”aligncenter” width=”740”]Image source: Kazakhstan.travel Image source: Kazakhstan.travel[/caption]

1. Altyn-Emel State National Nature Park: Located approximately 93 miles from the city of Almaty, Atlyn-Emel is a nature park that was established as a place for eco-tourism in 1996 in order to preserve the unique nature of the area. Some of the most popular attractions at Altyn-Emel include: • Singing Dune/Singing Sands • Besshatyr burial mounds/ “Stonehenge” of Kazakh Steppes • Tamgaly Tas • Katutau and Aktau mountains

[caption id=”attachment_2489” align=”aligncenter” width=”900”]Image source: Eduard Kim via aboutkazakhstan.com Image source: Eduard Kim via aboutkazakhstan.com[/caption]

2. Charyn State National Natural Park: Charyn State National Natural Park was created to preserve Kazakhstan’s natural beauty, and has become a popular spot for tourists visiting the Almaty oblast. The main attraction here is the Sharyn River valley/the Charyn Canyon, which is Kazakhstan’s version of the United States’ Grand Canyon. All throughout the year, visitors flock to Charyn State National Park to experience the unique nature, as well as the historical and cultural sites such as burial grounds.

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3. Alatau - Eliy National Park: When visiting Almaty, tourists should definitely check out Alatau - Eliy National Park. Established in 1996, the main tourist site here is Big Almaty Lake, which is located about a mile and a half above sea level. Not only is Big Almaty Lake a breathtaking, picturesque site, it is also used for water supply and hydroelectric power for the city of Almaty.

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4. Kolsay Lakes: Considered “a pearl of Northern Tien-Shan,” Kolsay Lakes is a gorgeous natural attraction, just a short drive away from Almaty. Kolsay Lakes is a collection of three lakes that the Kolsay River flows into: “Top”, “Mynzholki”, and “Lower.” Visitors love vacationing at Kolsay Lakes because there are plenty of fun things to do like camping, hiking, mounting bicycling, horseback riding, and more!

Well, folks, there you have it. If you ever have the chance to visit Kazakhstan and you love nature, then be sure to check out any of the parks mentioned above. Not only will the sites astound you, but you will remember them for the rest of your life.


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