Lake Borovoe, described as Kazakhstan's Switzerland, is a sight to behold

Summer is an amazing time to discover Kazakhstan and its nature reserves, lakes and countless parks. One of the places everyone should visit in Kazakhstan is Lake Borovoe, which is described by local people as Kazakhstan’s Switzerland for its breathtaking views, pine forests and pristine nature. Borovoe is a perfect place to enjoy exclusive beauty and special healing climate.

Borovoe Lake is located between Astana and Kokshetay. If you travel from Astana, you can take a bus. During your three-hour ride, you will pass through rural Kazakh and ethnic-Ukrainian villages. The Borovoe area has huge rocks that are great for climbers, trails for hikers and areas for picnics and lodges to stay overnight. One of the main sights of the Borovoe Lake is the Zhumbaktas rock. Most people that come here try to sail to the rock on a boat and climb to the summit of Zhumbaktas, where you can take wonderful pictures. You can rent a boat at the station; it will cost you around $8 for 30 mins. You can also use a boatmen service.

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There are a plenty of activities you can do after spending a relaxing day on Borovoe Lake. You can rent a motorbike for $ 30 - $ 54 per hour. You will need to provide an id or other document in order to rent a motorbike. Don’t be scared to leave your document to a renting station worker. It is a common procedure in Kazakhstan as it is a guarantee for a renting company that the equipment will be returned to a station. Also, you don’t have to provide the driving license to operate the vehicle, but you have to be older than 18.

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After all the outdoor activities, it’s time to have a nice dinner. Luckily, there are a plenty of restaurants in the area. It will cost around $15 per person for a nice authentic dinner. For this amount of money you can order a cup of tea, homemade and fresh baked flat cake, one of the Kazakh traditional dishes and a salad. Our suggestion is to try lagman , plov, kyirdak and don’t forget about unbelievably delicious samsa!


The are plenty of options for good accommodation in the area. If you are a student and travel with a large company, one of the best option would be renting a house.

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If you want to enjoy a luxurious stay, then Rixos Borovoe will be an amazing option. Restaurants, bars, spa, meeting rooms and other facilities are conveniently located on the hotel territory. The room’s pricing starts from $200 and higher.

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So next time you travel to Kazakhstan or Central Asia, don’t forget to visit Borovoe to treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world!