Wind Turbine Design by Kazakh 16 Year Old Wins Science Fair in Pittsburgh

Kazakhstan’s education system is demonstrating itself at the forefront of science and engineering.

As Kazakhstan is prevailing itself as the dominant country in Central Asia for many reasons like finance, sports, and other areas its education system has made a very significant impact recently. Assiya Kussainova is a very bright 16 year old in Kazakhstan whose education and idea have taken her far to win many awards and accolades.

Assiya attends school at the Karaganda Oblast Daryn boarding school for gifted children in Karaganda and this past May she took home many prizes at the ISEF Intel Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. Her entry for the science fair is titled “Design and Creation of Small Wind-Power Engines for Low Wind Speeds Based on the Magnus Effect.” In other words, Assiya created a small wind turbine that can operate at low wind speeds. To add, her idea means in the future wind turbines that generate electricity no longer have to be put solely in areas where there’s a lot of wind  and can put anywhere while maintaining the same output. This is a major advancement in clean energy and green practices that can greatly benefit the world.

With her entry, she took home three major awards: The top prize in her division, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, taking home $5,000 for Best Of Category, $3,000 for First Award, and $1,000 to her school. Also, she won Second Prize of $1,500 for the Carnegie Mellon University Leonard Gelfand Center for Service Learning and Outreach prize. Finally, she took home Third Award of $2,000 for the King Abdul-Aziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity prize. To add, taking home these prizes and awards earned her a slot at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists that will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia in September. We wish her the best of luck in Bratislava and to bring back many more awards and prizes for her hard work.

While she may be only 16 years old, her future is looking bright and she’ll be a future business leader and entrepreneur for Kazakhstan and the world. With Assiya Kussainova’s achievement, it goes to show that Kazakhstan is becoming a world leader in education that is creating intelligent minds that will leave everlasting impacts on Kazakhstan and the globe.


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