Victory Day Celebration Planned For Astana

By Marissa Polascak,

Hey readers! It has been announced that there is a spectacular event planned for this year’s 70th Victory Day celebration in Astana. Tengrinews reports that an equestrian procession is set to march through the city streets on May 9th.  This already sounds exciting enough, but, to be completely honest, I had to give myself a history lesson upon writing this post. Growing up in the United States, we don’t celebrate Victory Day, so let me explain what it is for those of you who may not know what the celebration is about.

Victory Day (or 9 May) is the day that celebrates the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in World War II. This part of the war was known in the Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War. Though the Soviet Union does not exist anymore, most post-Soviet countries still celebrate on May 9th.

Kazakhstan is one of the countries that still recognize the Soviet victory over the Nazis. This year, a special commemoration is planned in honor of the 106th National Calvary Division. The procession is meant to reenact the historical Calvary send-off in 1942. Tengrinews reports that the procession will start “at the old square of the capital and proceed along Abai Avenue to Victory Avenue, passing along the 310th Infantry Division Street and finishing on the railway station forecourt.”

The city also plans to reconstruct Victory Square, as well as the monument for the two soldiers. Funded by a $540,000 state budget, there will be festivities in Victory Park where there will be a Walk of Fame with bronze busts of folk warriors and war heroes. There will also be a showcase of folk art, paintings, books, and weapons, as well as a performance of patriotic songs.

There you have it readers. It sounds like this year’s Victory Day celebration will be both educational and fun. I hope those of you who can attend will enjoy it!



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