Unique Display Coming to East Kazakhstan’s Valley of the Kings

Source: yk-news.kz

Many new great discoveries have been unveiled in Kazakhstan, including what is believed to be the world’s first pyramid, as well as other amazing findings from the excavation of Kazakhstan’s Valley of the Kings in East Kazakhstan. While archaeologists have been working on digging up the Valley of the Kings in Katonkaragai for 18 years, they are currently working on making their archaeology site into a public museum.

Right now, the team of archaeologists and scientists are working on making mound number two of the Berel mounds ready for museum display for preservation and educational reasons. Other artifacts that have been uncovered at the site will not be transferred to a museum, but will instead remain at the dig site under a glass display.

Many things have been discovered in the area of the Berel Valley, or Valley of the Kings, including graves from the Saka to early Turkic epochs. While many of these burial sites have not been studied as of yet, those that have been looked at are unique in the fact that the burial chambers were covered in a permafrost, creating what archaeologists call “frozen graves.” Other objects found in the area include the skeletons of sacrificial horses, jewelry, dining plates, horse harnesses, and more.

Source: yk-news.kz

Archaeologists will continue to work on excavating the Valley of the Kings for the foreseeable future, and they hope that their discoveries will bring tourism and historical interest to the area of East Kazakhstan.

These are exciting times for Kazakhstan, as these discoveries and new museums are generating interest among the general public. Next time you’re in Kazakhstan, take some time to visit the Valley of the Kings and learn about the history of the “Land of the Wanderers.”



Source: AstanaTimes.com