Traveler from Almaty Completes Unique Journey Around the World

Umarzhan Urahunov returned to Almaty from Malaysia, his final travel destination, on January 24. He started his unique journey around the world on August 26, 2016. The 45-year-old traveler set a goal to visit every continent, walk 1,000 kilometers on each continent and cross the equator at least twice having only three travel visas. On top of that, Umarzhan Urahunov was going to complete this challenge without knowing any foreign language. Six months ago he started this fascinating, and sometimes dangerous, journey.

Antarctica; photo source: tengrinews

According Urahunov, his trip around the world was not planned and was completely spontaneous. “In the beginning I thought I would travel across Central Asia, the Caucasus and the countries of the CIS. Then I applied for a Schengen visa. Six weeks before the departure I also applied for a U.S. visa,” – said Umarzhan to tengrinews.

He started his journey by going to Uzbekistan, then to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus. After that Umarzhan visited Lithuania, Latvia, and then Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Spain.

Photo source: tengrinews

“After Spain I began traveling by air. I traveled to Kenya, where I saw safari. After that, I went to Dubai, then visited friends in Turkey,”- shared Umarzhan Urahunov.

Kenya; photo source: Tengrinews

He flew from Turkey to Rio de Janeiro and from there went to the southernmost city in Latin America – Ushuaia. “I flew there, because this city offers tourist cruises to Antarctica. I was lucky enough to buy the cheapest ticket through resale. And so I went to Antarctica, where I spent four days Antarctica. The climate there is very special, severe, and requires physical fitness and stamina, “- said the man.

Photo source: Tengrinews

Returning to Ushuaia, Urahunov continued his journey by railway to the northern part of South America. After passing along the west of Argentina, he traveled all over to Bolivia. After that, he visited the United States and Southeast Asia.

What a journey! This is definitely going to be six months to remember for Umarzhan Urahunov. Enjoy the photos and share the post, if you enjoyed it!

Source: Tengrinews