North Kazakhstan Aims to Boost Area Tourism and Agriculture

Shalkar Lake. Photo:


Kazakhstan as a whole is moving on up in the realm of tourism, but some parts, like North Kazakhstan, are working hard to put their areas on the map. The region of North Kazakhstan is aiming to develop the areas of tourism and agriculture for their part of the country, and the region’s governor, Mukhtar Mankeyev has developed a plan of action.

Northern Kazakhstan is known as a prime area for agriculture, creating a huge opportunity for investments in crops. Last year alone, the agriculture sector grossed $115 million USD, and this year it is projected that agriculture will bring in around $503 million USD. In addition, it is estimated that a new oilseed procession plant, a flour production company, and a deep processing grain plant in Taiynshinksi will bring in around $63 million USD. The area of North Kazakhstan has placed much focus on trying to gain domestic and foreign direct investment in the agriculture sector, and low oil prices has provided a stimulus to make further development more possible. The government will also participate in a joint project with a Russian machine building plant that will help the area build a greenhouse and provide agricultural equipment.

shalkar lake

Shalkar Lake. Photo:

Where tourism is concerned, North Kazakhstan has a lot going for them. This region is recognized for its nature and eco-tourism sites like the Imantau, Shalkar, and Tarangul Lakes. In all, North Kazakhstan has more than 3,000 lakes, which are used for fishing and hunting, making this an attractive area for nature lovers.

Another notable attraction in North Kazakhstan is the Botai Village, which is an area where ancient breeders settled. These breeders are thought to have been the first people to domesticate horses, and this site is on the UNESCO (United Nations, Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Oragnization) World Heritage List.

In 2015, North Kazakhstan gained about $2.9 million USD for the development of tourism, which was used to build Green Park, a European hotel-restaurant complex, Greenwich Hotel, and the Mirage restaurant. In total, the area plans to complete 12 tourism projects by the end of 2016, including the construction of the Hampton Inn by Hilton in Petropavlovsk.

So far, it seems as if the strides that North Kazakhstan is taking are working, as the number of tourists from neighboring countries has risen three fold this year alone. Also, Petropavlovsk hosted its first tourism exhibition called Kyzylzhar-Tourism 2016 this June.

Here’s to the future of tourism and agriculture in North Kazakhstan!