International Children’s Day in Kazakhstan

By Dena Sholk

Residents of Kazakhstan celebrated International Children’s Day on June 1st! Nearly thirty countries around the world commemorate the holiday, the purpose of which is to celebrate not only children, but all young people (those under the age of 18). Just like other holidays that are observed in Kazakhstan, each city and region has a unique way to celebrate. 

In this post, instead of detailing all of the childrens’ festivities, we have scalped Vkontakte and the Internet to find some adorable photos from the celebrations. Because who does not love looking at photos of cute kids having fun?

“Boztorgai”, a children’s art competition that began on May 29th and June 31st, is celebrated at the Central Park of Culture and Rest in Almaty. Musical and dance performances were held on the 29th to commemorate the opening of the exhibit. 

There were also kids with balloons!

In Kostanai, toddlers painted with their parents during the day, and celebrated at night. Some even got competitive in paddle boats.