Go Skydiving in Kazakhstan!

Source: Skydive Astana Facebook

Are you adventurous? Ever wanted to go skydiving? If so, consider going for your first skydive over the scenic area of Astana!

Skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is something that we recommend trying once in your lifetime. The feeling of falling is akin to flying, and once the parachute is deployed, you feel a beautiful sense of peace, of serenity, as you float down to the ground below. And, once the experience is over, skydivers tend to feel the incredible on-top-of-the-world feeling for days (or weeks) to come.

Skydive Astana provides locals and visitors to Kazakhstan the chance for an unforgettable skydiving opportunity. The company has two main programs to choose from: Tandem and Independent jumps.

Source: Skydive Astana Facebook

Independent jumps occur at 800 meters (approx.. 2625 feet), and cost 15,000 tenge ($44 USD). The participants receive ground training and are equipped with proper gear before boarding the plane.

Tandem jumps occur at a height of 3000 meters (9842 feet) and cost 45,000 tenge ($133 USD). The price of tandem jumps also includes a video from a GoPro Hero 3 camera for you to take home. Participants will receive training before they jump with an instructor.

Skydive Astana also offers training classes for those who want to become professional skydivers, and they also offer jump pricing for those who are already experienced in the sport.

For more information, visit the Skydive Astana website here.


Source: skydive.kz

Photos: Skydive Astana Facebook Page