Festival & Parade of Turkic Culture in New York City


We hope you have been enjoying our posts and learning about the Wonderful World of Kazakhstan. KazakhWorld is taking a tiny break from posting about Kazakhstan this week and discussing its role in the United States. In other words, we are taking the time to talk about the Turkic Day Festival in New York City that we got to check out and it was great.

The 31st Annual Turkic Day Festival was held May 19th in New York City that was a parade down Madison Avenue to a festival in a park right by the United Nations Headquarters. This parade is the largest Turkic cultural festival outside of Turkic nations, even curious spectators  got to see and understand Turkic culture. The territory of modern Kazakhstan is the birth place of the powerful Turkic Khanates of early AD and of the Turkic culture, and Kazakhs share historical heritage with other Turkic nations.

Kazakhstan representing at the Turkic Day Festival

Kazakhstan representing at the Turkic Day Festival

Let’s not forget Kazakhstan is a birthplace of Turks and shares cultural, ethnic and linguistic similarities with other Turkic nations such as Kyrgyz, Tatars, Turks, Azeris and others. For those who read the post about the Kazakhstan flag, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m proud to say that Kazakhstan represented itself wonderfully in the parade and so happy to see them.

The parade was not only just Kazakhstan and Turkey, but neighbors from Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and others were in attendance. The parade was full of marching bands, floats, cultural organizations from across the country, companies, airlines, soccer team’s American fan clubs, food companies, local restaurants, mosques, schools, and even the Red Hawk Native American Dance Group.

The parade was absolutely a lot of fun and definitely learned more about Turkic culture. We are exceptionally proud to see that Kazakhstan was in the parade representing themselves and Kazakh culture.


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