Take an off-road adventure in this desert in Kazakhstan

Hey readers! You probably heard about Aktau, the capital of Kazakhstan’s Mangistau region, from the Huffington Post’s article “17 places you never thought to travel, but should.” No wonder Aktau made it to this list thanks to its sandy beaches and beautiful landscape. But did you know that Mangistau is also a popular destination for off-road expeditions?

Photo source: red-offroad.ru

Mangistau is located in the desert on Mangyshlak Peninsula. One of the Silk Road branches once passed through these vast landscapes. Today the deserts of Mangistau lure adventurers from all corners of the globe, such as members of the RED Off-Road Expedition from Russia.

The off-road travelers conducted their expedition to Mangistau in December 2016. At the end of their adventure, travelers published a video “RED Off-road Expedition: Deserts of the World. Kazakhstan”.

Photo source: red-offroad.ru

It was the first expedition within the off-road series “Deserts of the World” launched by the Russian travelers. According to their website, it was an exceptional experience of passing the route though the most beautiful and inaccessible deserts Sauskan and Tuiesu of the Mangistau region.

Photo source: red-offroad.ru

The purpose of the trip was the off-road passage of loose sands, exploration of routes for future expeditions, as well as filming a documentary.

Sources: red-offroad.ru, tengrinews.kz