Christmas Mood in Astana

Hi friends? I am sure you all bought and presented the Christmas gifts to your relatives, friends, and coworkers. People were rushing to buy presents, decorate their houses and put up the Christmas tree. It is a pleasant time to get ready for Christmas. You would be surprised, but Christmas Eve is not a main holiday for Kazakhstan like here in the United States. The main night of  celebration is New Year’s Eve on December 31 to January 1 and then Christmas eve on January 7 according to the Julian calendar. Friends and relatives get together to celebrate the joy and happiness of the New Year and say “bye” to a current year. After the New Year’s Eve celebration, all Kazakhstani citizens have an official one week off.

The capital of the country is already prepared for  the holidays; Kazakh Santa Claus, beautiful Christmas trees, New Year’s fairies, snowmen and other inhabitants of the magic world appear all across Astana. Together, residents of the capital wait for a magic New Year’s Eve.  Let’s see the most colorful New Year’s Eve pictures of Astana taken by users of the social network Instagram. Look at how decorated the capital is before the most fantastic holiday.

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Celebrating the New Year 2015 in Kazakhstan will be an unforgettable and a bright event. Want to have a cheerful New Year’s Eve?  Then see the plan of holidays, and you will precisely find the most suitable option for celebrating a favorite holiday – New Year! See the official schedule of the festivals, performances, concerts and celebrations here.

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