Ban the Bomb!

By Frank Albo

What if the solution to the three greatest threats of our time was encoded in the least likely place on Earth? What if environmental pollution, religious extremism, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons could be eradicated by following the signs and symbols of a city purported to be the “Illuminati Capital of the World”?

That’s what you will discover in my new book, Astana – Architecture, Myth, and Destiny.

Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan, a country full of unexpected surprises and a melting pot of global culture for thousands of years. Few people are aware that this is the country that gave the world apples and first domesticated horses and inspired the legend of King Arthur. Fewer still are aware that after a century of ghastly labour camps, secret nuclear tests, and near environmental destruction, Kazakhstan has emerged to become one of the most strategically important countries in the world. And like a mythical phoenix from the ashes, its shimmering new capital has become a global exemplar of peace, tolerance, and sustainability.

By lending your support, you will also be assisting in raising awareness of Kazakhstan’s global campaign to eliminate the world’s nuclear arsenal through the online platform, The ATOM Project. I have also teamed up with David Blaine’s puzzle master, Cliff Johnson, to conceal a hidden message in the book. The first one to decipher its exact wording will win an all-expense paid luxury vacation to Astana valued at $30,000.

25 May 2017 is your date to save the world, Robert Langdon style!

The article was originally published on Thunderclap