Astana to open first Ritz-Carlton in spring 2017

Kazakh capital Astana is slated to open its first Ritz-Carlton hotel in spring 2017. The upscale hotel will be located in the bustling administrative district at Talan Towers, a brand new building that blends modernity and tradition. The complex is perched on the intersection of famous agricultural sites like The Baiterek Tower and glittering skyscrapers, embodying the unique vibes of Astana – the old and the new.

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Astana’s pioneering Ritz-Carlton will feature three gourmet restaurants, including Mökki and One Eight, the spacious Grand Ballroom (almost 1,000 square meters), fitness studio and hotel spa, where visitors can pamper themselves and unwind. Guests will also have access to an urban spa, with an indoor pool and treatment rooms. The hotel will have a total of 157 hotel rooms and 25 residences.

To make the first Ritz-Carlton in Astana a success, the hotel operator assembled top-notch talent in the hospitality industry, including Ritz-Carlton, Astana General Manager Dennis Kurt Jung. Jung has over 10 years of experience in luxury hotel and resort management. He served as hotel manager at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach and Moscow.

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Additionally, Murat Gozukara will serve as the Director of Finance and will bring his twenty years of experience in the hotel industry in Turkey, UAE and Kazakhstan. Andre Piednoir, who spent over 30 years as a chef at five-star hotels and Michelin-star restaurants, will serve as the executive chef. Award-winning manager Saule Sultanova will be in charge of human resources, while Svetlin Krastev will serve as the director of engineering.

The hotel opening will coincide with the start of EXPO 2017, and its participants will be among the first guests. Ritz-Carlton Astana will showcase the city’s luxurious vibes to new and returning visitors. Make sure to check it out while visiting the city! Have great holidays!

Source: The Astana Times