Astana opens large Kango Jumping Park

Hey readers! This week Astana opened large Kango Jumping Park, a trampoline park where you can experience fun fitness activities and “wall to wall” jumping. Kango Jumping Park opened its doors on March 6 at Kazakhstan’s newest and largest mall, Mega Silk Way. It is not Astana’s first trampoline park. The previous location opened at Astana Mall.

Photo source: The Astana Times

According to customers, the new trampoline park is larger and features more walls and towers for climbing as well as trampolines and poles than the one at Astana Mall. All of the equipment at Astana’s Kango Jumping Park is tested regularly to ensure that everything meets the most stringent requirements.

Photo source: The Astana Times

Trampoline parks are becoming increasingly popular in Kazakhstan. The first Kango Jumping Park was opened in Almaty and quickly became one of Almaty’s most favorite spots for families and active youth. The administrators of the trampoline park say that Kango provides a multitude of exhilarating activities that present you with both physical and mental challenges. It also offers trampoline training, fitness and toddler programs.

There you go readers, if you ever visit Astana or Almaty, don’t forget stop in one of Kango Jumping Parks and enjoy the time of your life!

Source: The Astana Times