Astana Fashion Days 2014

The very first competition of fashion designers took place in Astana on May 7-8. More than 20 participants took part in the important for fashion industry event . According to the organizers, fashion event helps to promote Kazakh young designers internationally. As the rules stated by Astana Fashion Days, the winner will go to Moscow to represent Kazakhstan at the International Competition. The results are published and KazakhWorld would like to announce those. 1st place: Adilya Zhumbayeva with the collection: La Peau De Chagrim – she will represent Kazakhstan in Moscow.

12nd place: Zhuldyz Dzhumatayeva with the collection Ekpin – she will also represent Kazakhstan in Moscow.




For some of the participants it was their first fashion competition. This competition is a big help for the beginners in fashion industry and will help them to bump up to the desired level. The rules of the competition allow all participants to go as far as they want to. They show unacceptable things. The models wore everything including national outfits. The way the models look was very appreciated and attracted by the audience.



 Photocredit look tm