All you need to know about “Amanat,” Kazakhstan’s Oscars bid

In less than six months the Academy will award Oscars to the movies in different nominations. Today we will talk about Kazakhstan’s bid to the Oscars best foreign-language film category.

The director of “Amanat” is Satybaldy Narymbetov, one of the most famous Kazakh filmmakers of the 90s. Narymbetov gained international recognition with his “Story of a Young Accordionist” filmed in 1994. The movie tells a story of a post- Second World War period and raises questions of Kazakh national identity and the oppressive nature of the Soviet power.

Photo source: tengrinews

Narymbetov’s recent work “Amanat” premiered in Kazakhstan in May 2016. It is a historic drama that centers around the uprising, which began in 1947 and was qualified by the Soviet power as “feudal-bourgeois rebellion led by the Kazakh elite.”

Photo source: The Hollywood Reporter

“Amanat” links storylines from three periods of the Kazakh history: mid 19th century movement against the Russians and two episodes of the 20th century: story of imprisoned writer Ermukhan Bekmakhanov, author of historical books about Kazakh national hero Kenesary Kasymov, and his national liberation movement.

The film pays homage to the Kazakh heroes, who contributed to the strengthening national identity, and is a must-see for everyone interested in the Kazakh history.

Sources: tengrinews, The Hollywood Reporter