About KazakhWorld

The purpose of this blog is to foster communication and dialogue about the amazing country of Kazakhstan and its culture. It’s a wonderful place that tends to be overlooked especially with very powerful neighbors. Its culture and history is very unique that has helped transform it into a place a of beauty. It’s definitely a place that is encouraged for people to visit to immerse in the culture, gaze at its natural majesty, learn its history, and have fun with all the attractions.

KazakhWorld is supported by the Shanyraq Kazakh Foundation, a non-profit, educational, social and cultural organization established by young representatives of Kazakh community in Texas on August 29, 2008.

The main objectives of foundations are the:

  • Popularization and promotion of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Strengthening Kazakhstani community interaction, cooperation and friendship;
  • Facilitating and creating an opportunity for Kazakh language learning and development;
  • Organizing public events and festivals to present Kazakh cultural heritage, history and modern achievements to greater Houston community;
  • Organizing celebration of public holidays and events of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Kazakh community;
  • Bridging the cultural and informational gap between the United States and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

So read a post, make comments, share it with your friends, family, colleague, boss, your pets, a stranger, whoever you want. We even have a Twitter (@kazakhworld) so you can follow us to share our blog and read interesting stories about Kazakhstan.

Thanks for reading.

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