Abai Kunanbaev “Book of words”

Abai Kunanbaev was a Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher. He was born to a wealthy family of a prominent feudal lord on 10 August, 1845 in Chingis-Tau (now Karaul) and died on 6 July, 1904, at the same place.

Abai’s big accomplishment was that through his poetry he legitimized Kazakh as a written language. He also translated many European writings into Kazakh. “Book of words” is one of Abai’s most famous works. It includes 45 “Words,” or chapters, and is written in a form of a conversation with a reader.

The text of “Book of words” translated into English is below:

  1. “Book of words” – (1-10)
  2. “Book of words” – (11-20)
  3. “Book of words” – (21-30)
  4. “Book of words” – (31-40)
  5. “Book of words” – (41-45)