7 reasons to love celebrating Nauryz in Kazakhstan

Hey readers! Kazakhstan celebrates Nauryz every year on March 21 with massive festivities. It is a celebration of spring, renewal of nature, love and friendship. We are only one week away from this wonderful and most beloved holiday in Kazakhstan. It is hard not to love it and the festive feel it brings, that’s why we made a selection of Instagram photos that will give you 7 reasons to love celebrating Nauryz.

1. Kazakh winter is so long and snowy that the beginning of spring is worth celebrating

In ancient times, Kazakh nomads determined the seasons by the sun and changing weather condition. It was believed that spring arrived when the sun started to shine brightly and the buds were dwelling. That day of the year, March 21, signified spring equinox and renewal of nature.

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2. You can immerse yourself in the culture of Kazakh nomads

On Nauryz, large and small cities of Kazakhstan transform into festive cultural centers where you can learn about the culture and lifestyle of Kazakh nomads. Every town installs yurts, traditional nomad houses, where you can immerse into their amazing culture, listen to Kazakh songs and even try Kazakh food.

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3. You can try delicious Kazakh food

Traditional celebration of Nauryz includes a feast that symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Each family prepares a dastarkhan (festive table). People would sit down at the table at noon. It is a time when families and friends reunite to share a meal and enjoy a good time.


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4. It’s an occasion to showcase traditional Kazakh clothes

Numerous cultural events take place throughout the country where you find people wearing beautiful national clothes and garments.

5. ‪A plethora of joyous festivals take place across Kazakhstan to mark the celebrations‬
Festivities are organized simultaneously all over Kazakhstan. Folk music festivals, concerts and exhibitions attract visitors from different countries.

6. The celebration includes horse races and other traditional Kazakh games


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During Nauryz, people of Kazakhstan pay tribute to their traditions that include games and competitions. One of such games is “audaryspek” where men on horses should draw one another from the saddle. Horses have always played an important role on the Kazakh history and culture, that’s why they have one of the central roles in the Nauryz festivities.

7. Fireworks light up the largest cities of Kazakhstan

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It has already become a tradition to celebrate Nauryz with fireworks in large cities, such as Almaty and Astana. People gather outside to share these moments of joy and enjoy the spectacular show.

There are many more reasons to love Nauryz and rejoice on this day. If you ever have a chance to celebrate it in Kazakhstan, you will never want to leave!