550 Years of the Kazakh Khanate Celebrated in Taraz

Kazakhstan has been honoring its history by celebrating 550 years of the Kazakh Khanate since September. But the beginning of October did not mark the end of celebrations; in fact, on October 7-8 a huge celebration took place in Taraz.

With 5,000 people in attendance, the Taraz celebration kicked off with an opening ceremony where President Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the unveiling of a new 89 ft. tall monument dedicated to the 550th anniversary. There were also two other sculptures revealed: one of Kerey Khan and one of Zhanibek Khan, both approximately 14 ft. in height.

At this opening ceremony, Nazarbayev gave a speech that highlighted the route of Kazakhstan’s history, mentioning the Saks, Huns, Turks, and the achievements of Kerey Khan and Zhanibek Khan.

President Nazarbayev also iterated the fact that holding this celebration as well as the past 550th anniversary celebrations are important to educate the youth about the history of their land.

The celebration in Taraz was very important to Kazakhs, as cities from around the country contributed to make the event possible. But the event also caught the attention of guests from 17 different countries, who Nazarbayev expressed gratitude towards in his speech. He continued his oration by talking about development in the Zhambyl region as well as speaking of Kazakhstan’s peaceful and respectful atmosphere.

Photo Source: AstanaTimes.com

Photo Source: AstanaTimes.com

After the opening ceremony, many different fun and interesting activities ensued. These activities included: concerts, theatre productions, singing poetry competitions, horse racing, horse-back wrestling, motorcycle racing, polo, and much, much more!

Well, readers, there you have it. The people of Kazakhstan sure know how to celebrate, and I’m honestly quite jealous I wasn’t there. Though Kazakhstan isn’t my home, I am very happy for their 550 year anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, and hope that the youth will continue to learn more about their homeland.


Source: AstanaTimes.com