5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Kazakhstan

Kazahstan can get pretty hot in the summer, and if you’re visiting, you may want to know some good ways to cool off. Thankfully, we’re here to help you stop sweating and keep enjoying your time in the beautiful country of Kazakhstan.

Here are 5 ways to beat the summer heat in Kazakhstan:

Bathhouses: Bathhouses and banyas are quite popular in Kazakhstan, and taking a day off from being outdoors and visiting a bathhouse can be very refreshing during the summer. One of the most popular public baths in Kazakhstan is the Arasan Baths in Almaty. Arasan Baths boasts a large bathing complex, as well as bath suite-rooms in the styles of Russian, Finnish, Japanese, and Turkish baths. Other features of the Arasan Baths include a spa center with many services, a fitness center, and a beauty center.

Museums: Take some time to cool off and learn at the same time by visiting one of Kazakhstan’s many interesting museums. All throughout the country, visitors will find unique museums that highlight the history, culture, and customs of the country of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh people. One of the most famous museums in Kazakhstan is the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan. This museum is located in Almaty and is one of the biggest museums in Central Asia.

Shopping Malls: Instead of staying outside and sweating all day, head on over to a shopping mall and explore what the Kazakh shops have to offer. While there are several malls throughout Almaty, Astana, and other major Kazakh cities that are well worth visiting, the most notable mall is Khan Shatyr. Khan Shatyr stands out due to its unique architecture as well as its features. Along with several shops, restaurants, and attractions such as a movie theater and an arcade, Khan Shatyr is also home to the Sky Beach Club. Khan Shatyr’s Sky Beach Club is a climate controlled tropical beach complete with sand, waterslides, and more, located at the top of the mall.

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Theatres: The Kazakh people are passionate about performing arts, so it is no surprise that there are many wonderful theatres to visit in the country. Booking tickets to a show is a great way to beat Kazahstan’s summer heat, and there are many amazing shows to see at different theatres in different cities. If you’re in Astana, though, you must witness the breathtaking talent of the performers at the Astana Opera.

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Waterparks: Sure, you could always go swimming at one of the many beaches in Kazakhstan, but it is more fun to splash the day away at a waterpark like the Almaty Aqua Park. This family-friendly attraction is home to several pools, waterslides, and other water features that will help you keep cool in the summertime.