5 Awesome Kazakh Movies

Salem, readers! Since capturing moving images on film has been possible, motion pictures have been popular in society. Throughout the years, technology has improved and movie-goers all over the world have experienced a plethora of film plots, characters, and genres.

Obviously, film culture is quite important in America since the movie mecca of Hollywood lies in the state of California. And, while Americans are familiar with some foreign films, I think that we don’t realize that other countries love movies just as much as we do.

Kazakhstan is no stranger to the film culture, and many films have been produced there. In order to introduce you to some Kazakh films that may be of interest to you, I have compiled a list of 5 awesome Kazakh movies found on IMDb. Check it out:
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1. Nomad: The Warrior (Köshpendiler): This historical film is set in 18th century Kazakhstan where three warring tribes rule the land. There has been a prophecy that a descendant of Genghis Khan will be the one to finally settle the war and bring the tribes together, but no one knows who this person will be. A man named Oraz the Great discovers the boy and protects him from harm as he raises him to be a great warrior. Nomad: The Warrior is the story of this warrior’s journey to bringing peace to the warring people.
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2. Tuplan: This drama is focused around a recently discharged Russian Navy sailor named Asa who is now living with his sister, Samal and her family in Kazakhstan. Asa has hopes of marrying and running his own ranch, but he must find a wife. The story follows Asa as he tries to court Tuplan who is the daughter of his neighbor. Tuplan’s parents dislike the idea of Asa marrying Tuplan because he does not have a job, and Tuplan seems quite disinterested in Asa, too. Will Asa earn her love? Watch the movie to find out!

3. Revenge (Kek): This film was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the two main characters are a young man named Yershor and a beautiful girl named Zhemal. The two young lovers are crazy for one another, but there is one problem: their families absolutely hate one another and considered themselves sworn enemies. Yershor and Zhemal’s relationship doesn’t last long when their families find out about their secret romance. Yershor faces terrible punishment and Zhemal endures harsh torture from her family. But can the power of love save them from their bodily pain?
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4. Harmony Lessons (Uroki garmonii): This dramatic film brings the sensitive and highly important subject of bullying to the forefront. Taking place in a small village in Kazakhstan, Harmony Lessons follows the story of a thirteen-year-old boy named Aslan. Aslan is a wonderful student living with his grandmother, but he is troubled by a fellow classmate named Bolat who hangs out with a bad crowd. Bolat’s bullying becomes too much for Aslan, and the movie follows his torture and his decisions in seeking revenge against his tormentor.
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5. Goodbye, Gulsary! (Qosh bol, Gülsary!): Set during the Stalinist era, this film follows the life of a loyal communist and proud Kazakh war hero named Tanabay. After WWII, Tanabay is forced into taking a job at a nearby collective farm. While working at the farm, Tanabay is introduced to the farm’s prized horse named Gulsary. One day, after Gulsary wins a race, Tanabay takes ownership of Gulsary. The film follows the story of Tanabay and Gulsary, which eventually leads to the protagonist disobeying the Stalinist regime and receiving harsh punishment.

Well, readers, there you have it. This list of 5 films is just a small glimpse into the library of a large number of great movies that are from Kazakhstan or that are based in Kazakhstan. If you’re a movie fanatic, try watching these movies. Or, next time you feel like watching something new, try searching for more great stories that hail from the beautiful country of Kazakhstan.