5 Awesome Apps for Travel to Kazakhstan

There are a lot of things to see and do while on travel to Kazakhstan. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do and where to go while in Astana and Almaty and every where else. Thankfully, there are travel apps available to help you build an itinerary as well as learn phrases that will help you in your travels. Here are 5 useful apps for those traveling to Kazakhstan:

  1. Kazakhstan: Land of the Great Steppe: This is a new app that was release on June 20, 2016 by the Kazakh Foreign Ministry. Kazakhstan: Land of the Great Steppe is an app that is like a digital encyclopedia of the country of Kazakhstan. This app touches on topics such as tourism, history, geography, society, government, culture, economy, international realtions, EXPO2017, and the city of Astana. This app is available in English, Kazakh, and Russian, and has 68 chapters along with the same number of photo galleries. In addition, this app also features videos and maps. Download this app here.
  2. English-Kazakh Dictionary: There are multiple English-Kazakh dictionary apps available, but it is definitely useful to have one on your mobile device while traveling in Kazakhstan. Not only can this help you with potential language barriers, but it can also help you learn the Kazakh language. It would also be a good idea to download an English-Russian dictionary for the same reason, as many people in Kazakhstan speak Kazakh and Russian. Download this app here.
  3. Kazakhstan Tourism: The Kazakhstan Tourism app (yes, that is the name of it), is a user-friendly app that highlights tourism in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan Tourism guides users through the following categories: Tourism Info, Attractions, Map, POI (Points of Interest) Search, Translator, and World Clock. This app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download this app here.
  4. Kazakhstan Travel Planner: Brought to you by tripmark, Kazakhstan Travel Planner is a great app to use while planning out your trip to Kazakhstan. This app is essentially a “trip planner,” and users can build an itinerary prior to traveling. In addition, this app can be used for maps, directions, and weather. Kazakhstan Travel Planner doesn’t only cover Almaty and Astana, either; this app can be used while traveling more than 30 cities in the country! Download this app here.
  5. Wikicity: Though Kazakhstan doesn’t have Yelp, it does have Wikicity. While Wikicity isn’t an app yet, it is growing fast and is becoming known as Kazakhstan’s Yelp. The website works similar to Yelp where people who have visited businesses and attractions can leave ratings, feedback, pictures, and comments. This can be useful for those visiting Kazakhstan in order to figure out what places to visit in certain cities. Just be warned: the website is not in English, but it can be translated through Google Chrome. Learn more about Wikicity here.

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